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Hi! I’m Aline and I want to help.


I came across this question and felt an urge to respond:


“What makes you do what you do?”


The reasons that came up fast were “I love to listen. I love to get to know people’s stories. And I love to figure things out.”


As a coach, I feel privileged to be there to help and feel incredibly honored witnessing your breakthroughs. And as a human being, I'm always fascinated by how we can always relate on some level. I get you.


In times like today, when we’re overstimulated, it’s easy to feel burned out and scattered. Keeping focused and disciplined is pretty challenging.


When you have someone to LISTEN to you thinking out loud, expressing your ideas, defining what’s really important and tracing a game plan, it can be the turning point to a more organized and fulfilling life.


Big dreams, mighty goals, baby steps, one breath at a time, will take you far.


I’m here to aid you in discovering your priorities and shine a light toward whatever makes you FEEL whole and inspired.


Hit me up for a FREE 30-minute coaching session to give you a taste of what would be like. No strings attached. If you feel inspired
to treat yourself and sign up, then we talk more.


Cheers to fulfilling dreams,

Aline Green


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