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Hi! I’m Aline and I want to help.


I came across this question and felt an urge to respond:


“What makes you do what you do?”


 Well, I love to listen. I love to get to know people’s stories. And I love to figure things out.


As a coach, I feel privileged to be there to help and feel incredibly honored witnessing your breakthroughs. And as a human being, I'm always fascinated by how we can always relate on some level. I get you.


In times like today, when we’re overstimulated, it’s easy to feel burned out and scattered. Keeping focused and disciplined is pretty challenging.


When you have someone to LISTEN to you, thinking out loud, expressing your ideas, defining what’s really important, and tracing a game plan, it can be the turning point to a more organized and fulfilling life.


Big dreams, mighty goals, baby steps, one breath at a time, will take you far.


I’m here to aid you in discovering your priorities and shine a light toward whatever makes you FEEL whole and inspired.


Hit me up for a FREE 30-minute conversation to give you a taste of what would be like. No strings attached. If you feel inspired
to treat yourself and sign up, then we talk more.


Cheers to fulfilling dreams,

Aline Green


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B. Navarro's experience

"Back in May of 2018, I was going through a very difficult time in my life. That's when Mrs. Green told me that she had just finished her Life coach training. For me, it seemed like the best time to reorganize my life. It would be my first time to do this with professional help. Even so, I did not know what to expect. I just knew I wanted to take control of my life again.

 My days were endless. I could not finish small daily tasks. I felt as if my life didn't belong to me.

 In the first session, we divided my life into parts to be worked on separately, one at a time per session. What struck me most was that she did not have the answer to all my problems, but she guided me to find the answer that was inside me, but asleep. And for each session we finished, there was always even one small thing I had to act on for next week. To my surprise, she'd call me and send messages asking how I was doing toward my goal of the week.

 This, for me, made a huge difference in my results.

 After five sessions I began to feel the difference in myself. I could see my plans more clearly and my goals no longer seemed so far from being reached.

 In my last session when we looked at the results of other sessions and made plans for the future, I felt a great relief. Finally, I had arranged my life in folders. I was able to understand what was really a priority, and what was a distraction.

 Today, 6 months after my last Life Coaching session with Mrs. Green I still feel proud of myself. I feel it was worth spending (investing!) the time to talk about my life, my problems and developing solutions. And even more, I realized that I could not do it alone.

 Sometimes we are so focused on finding an outlet for the problems that we forget to analyze the situation as a whole. Sometimes the problem was not even a problem it was part of the solution.

 If you are looking for a real change I highly recommend Mrs. Green.

 Much grateful to have had Mrs. Green as a life coach.

Thank you ❤!"